4 Tips For Selling and Buying Retro Video Games Online [so you don’t get screwed!]

Buying and selling retro video games can be a great experience most of the time. Collecting vintage video games can involve many different opinions on condition, dollar value and how to properly ship the item.

Good and bad things can happen when sellers and buyers do a retro video game transaction together. Below I’m going to list some tips to describe a standard set of rules and ethics that should be followed by both parties.

This advice and ethics are all based on my experience buying and selling used games online. You might be thinking, but Scotty, what could go … READ MORE

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How to Rate the Condition of Retro Video Games

Rating the condition of any rare collectible can be a challenge. Most of the time you only get better at it through experience in the hobby. Especially after having a few costly mistakes along the way.

Video Game Collecting is not different.

When rating video games, I like to use a grading system that is similar to rating baseball cards. It’s pretty easy to remember because this system has four levels to grade on.

Below, I’ll list the four levels I like to consider when rating the condition of a used Nintendo video game item.

Poor / Bad Condition


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Steps to Avoid Buying Fake Retro Video Games

You have to be very careful and avoid buying a fake or reproduction copy of a rare game. There is master craftsman out there making fake labels, ROM boards, etc. If you’re spending more than 100 dollars, I would use extreme caution.

If you ever have a question about a particular game for sale online, you should view as many photos as you can. For rare cartridge games, you should be able to see some pictures of it opened up, this way you can view the ROM board inside.

If you have doubts, you can always post a link or … READ MORE

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