My Favorite Retro Video Game YouTube Channels


YouTube has done a lot for helping people discover the fun of retro video game collecting. It has helped build online gaming communities and give people an inside view of some of the rarest collectibles out there.

Here are my favorite YouTube channels relating to Nintendo and retro gaming. I’ve handpicked the ones below because I really enjoy the knowledge and personality of each content creator.

The following channels are kick-ass. Enjoy!

Nintendo’s Official YouTube Channel – Here you’ll get all the latest news and videos straight from Nintendo. They also post new game announcements and trailers for upcoming games.

Pat the NES Punk! – Pat Contri and his buddy Ian do a great job with answering viewer questions, running a podcast, and various other topics relating to retro gaming. Pat also has a series called “Flea Market Madness” where he tours his local flea market and negotiates deals on retro video game collectibles. Though lately, he’s not creating new Flea Market episodes as the flea markets are not good places to shop anymore.

The Gaming Historian – This channel is run by Norman Caruso. I really like the way Norman does research and edits his documentary videos about retro video gaming. My favorite video is about the Nintendo Power Glove; it was recently on his newly released Blu Ray called “The Gaming Historian Vol. 1”. He covers not just Nintendo retro gaming, but Sega, Atari, Sony PlayStation, pretty much everything you can think of.

RGT 85 – I really really love the opening RGT 85 has for each video. He does a great job discussing Nintendo and Sega retro game collecting. He also does a lot of reviews for various aftermarket retro consoles. My favorite videos are the “What’s in the Box?” videos where he shows off all the cool toys that viewers send into him.

Final Thoughts

There are many more channels on YouTube to follow. Each with there own style and theme. I would recommend you explore and find the ones that you find the most entertaining.

If you know of any other channels that are worth looking at let me know. If I think it’s appropriate I’ll even add it to this list. Until next time, cheers!

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