Awesome Online Stores to Buy Retro Video Games & Consoles [a review of each]


Here are the top 10 online stores I recommend for buying retro video games. Below I write a brief review of each online store.

If you intend on building a big collection of retro Nintendo games, it’s going to be expensive to do so. Games for the NES and SNES seem to be the most expensive right now.

The Wii and Wii U systems are still fairly new enough that the games are actually still pretty cheap. This makes it an excellent time to start building up a collection.

Regardless of what Nintendo system you want to buy games for, you’ll have great luck buying from a local seller or an online vendor. Websites like eBay, Craigslist, or Internet collector forums are a great place to start. I’ll list some great options below.

Heck, you can even try thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales, but get there early! The word is out on them for video game bargains, and the deals are normally gone within the first hour.

If you’re buying from an online vendor, expect to pay the full market price of the game. They’re in the business of making money and creating jobs after all. Occasionally you can get lucky and find a sale; I recommend you sign-up for the online store’s newsletter to be in the loop.

Below I’m going to list just about every place I trust to buy games from.

Scotty’s Favorite Nintendo Online Vendors List

DK Oldies

DK Oldies has been around a long time, they started on eBay back in the early days, since 2003 to be exact. Their online store is very friendly and easy to navigate. The selection is decent and they ship worldwide.

They pay a lot of money for online video game trade-ins too. Check out the price sheet for selling your games here: Sell Your Games to DK Oldies!

They also have some online specials and promotions, check them out here: DK Oldie’s Special Deals & Coupons

Lukie Games

Lukie Games also started on eBay and is another very reputable online vendor. The selection is huge and they ship worldwide. Their website is extremely easy to use.

It’s a friendly small business providing lots of jobs for the Miami Gardens area in Florida. The job descriptions on the career section of their site made it sound like a fantastic place to work.

I find their Rare and Collectibles page an addiction.

Want to sell them your games? Click here: Sell your games to Lukie


JJGames is another great option. They do a great job taking photos of the actual game item you’ll be buying. JJ (the owner) started selling back in the year 1999 out of his college dorm room.

My favorite page is their 100 best-selling games.

They offer some coupons here too: JJ Games Coupons

Overall, it’s a great store with the advantage of a unique photo for each game for sell. Like DK Oldies and Lukie Games, the selection is big and they ship worldwide.

Nintendo Age Sellers Forum

If you’re going to be buying lots and lots of games, I would check out the Nintendo Age forum. You’ll be able to negotiate a lot of deals on bulk or even a complete collection.

Participate in the forum discussions and register on the site and be a member for a while. Then you’ll have a feel for the culture of the site and how buyers and sellers interact with each other. Plus, the more you participate, the better reputation you’ll have as a seller or buyer.

I have sold items on Nintendo Age to other collectors all over the world. Heck, if you’re on there, feel free to send me a message, my ID Link4Nes.


Craigslist is awesome and you start by clicking your local city. Then go to the Video Games for Sale section. Depending on where you live most of the deals or hot items will move quickly.

You may have to browse the latest listings frequently throughout the day to find any decent Nintendo games for sale. I also recommend you bookmark your search so you can pull it up quickly.

Merchant Scotty

Occasionally I’ll sell some retro video games on my eBay account “MerchantScotty“. If you’re on eBay, feel free to follow me! I was selling quite a bit on eBay back when I was building up my collection.

I have sold over three hundred retro video game items. It’s a lot of work and worth it to see the extra items go to another collector.

Good Will Online

Good Will Online is so hit or miss these days. But they do seem to get a decent amount of Nintendo and other video game items from donations. It’s sad they have to jack up the prices like a small business online re-seller would. After all, isn’t this a non-profit?

Flea Markets

Flea Markets use to be the spot to pick up some good deals, but not so much anymore. Saturday mornings are the best time for buying items from the everyday person clearing out the garage.

By the time Sundays roll around, they’ll usually be sold out of anything that was good from their lot. So defiantly go on Saturday!

The bad thing about Flea Markets are the vendors that are there.

Vendors will typically cherry pick the other novice seller’s goods early in the morning while everyone is setting up. This is a time when buyers are not allowed in yet, usually one or two hours before the opening time.

Vendors buy up all the rare and valuable items and mark up the price on it. Small one-time sellers don’t know what they have. Oh well…

Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Portland Retro Gaming Expo is put on by a Portland-based non-profit organization called Retro Gaming Expo. It’s for both home video gaming and arcade. It happens at the beginning of every year.


GameStop is the biggest chain game store that everyone knows about. They are also doing retro Nintendo games now. It’s worth checking out and to my surprise not terribly priced.

They are trying to bring in new business and I think Game Stop means well. But the small-time sellers online and local video game sellers are probably your best bet for personable service and knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Most of these online sellers are great at spotting fake games too. Especially Lukie Games and DKOldies. Gamestop on the other hand, not so good.

However, if you get stuck with a fake game you can always send it back for a refund.

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